A Busy, Busy Bee

I thought that tonight would be a nice night to say hello.  These past two weeks have been very busy for me as I get back in the groove after having surgery.

I have been very fortunate to be blessed with good health, and taking a week of to recovery made me realize just how difficult dealing with sicknesses can really be.  I think sometimes we take for granted our good fortune and abilities.

Fall foliage is at peak or just passing, and I took several opportunities to get out and take pictures. The weather has been wonderfully warm, not at all like the fall I am used to.

I have also been spending some more time on Pixlr.com my new favorite photo editing site.  It is free (my favorite) and has every option I can think of and tons more that I never knew they even had.

School is also in full swing for me, and I am working my way through week five, so half way done! My next class will be Lit. Theory, not exactly looking forward to that one, but it is required…….

On a very positive note, I received a letter today from SNHU congratulating me on being accepted into the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Winnie SelfieThis past weekend I made a spur of the moment decision and decided to bring ANOTHER cat home, my husband was less than thrilled.

The cat cried the whole way (an hour) but as soon as we got home it had been liked she lived here forever. Her first night she slept on the bed with me, and tonight she even took a dip in the tub…..silly kitty. We decided to name her Winnie.

I have a few looming deadlines coming up, so I might not be writing quite as often, as you can probably tell.  I am working on a large handmade gift for my in-laws, and hopefully completing a work of art for a Burlesque show.

I have been busy with my gift during the morning hours, but on the plus side I have been getting plenty of time to catch up on my early morning news.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week, and enjoying the first day of Oct!

See yourself succeed

I read an article today that told the story of a man who staged an intervention to benefit his wife. Apparently she worked from home, and almost never left the comfort of her pajamas.

For a while she had been expressing her frustrations. She felt like she was stuck in a rut and not moving forward the way that she had hoped.

The husband was likely thinking about the phrase, “Dress for Success,” and lovingly told his wife that she need to put forth some effort in the way she presented herself. Just because she worked from home, doesn’t mean that you dress like a bum.

makeithappenThe woman realized the message that he was trying to share, and began dressing as if she was going to her office each morning. She showered, did her hair, and wore her much loved scarves.

Once she started to see herself the way she wanted others to see her, she noticed huge gains in her confidence that in turn transcended into her personal life.

The woman began seeing gains in her business, and was finally on the path to success.

I also have my own saying that is widely used by my friends, “Fake it, till you make it.”

Setting yourself up to be the person you want to be is one of the best things that you can for yourself.

It’s like the woman who needed help realizing that she was sabotaging her success just by the way she treated herself.

All my life I wanted to be a writer. Well no one was just going to jump out of the bushes and offer me a job as a writer, I had to become a writer and convince others that I was capable of doing.

Opportunities in life just don’t happen by sitting around.

Through confidence and determination opportunities do happen, but we need to be continually working toward our goals so that when the moment does come we will be ready.

Just like the woman in her pajamas we need to create the image that we want for ourselves. No matter what it is in life that we want to be; a writer, an artist, a teacher or even a small business owner, we have to see it in ourselves first. We have to put in the effort, and yes sometimes it does start by putting your best foot forward.