I Look Like Frankenstin

Oh, what a day. Surgery went well, and I managed not to pass out.  He removed four abnormal moles and sent them off to the lab. He is very confident that they are nothing to worry about.

I apologize for there terrible phone photo, but I was not in the mood to take out my camera.

I apologize for there terrible phone photo, but I was not in the mood to take out my camera.

My face has seen better days, and for some reason I wasn’t expecting the surgical area to be so big. But, it could be way worse, and in two weeks I will be almost back to normal.

These kind of things certainly do put things in perspective for me. It’s the little bumps in the road that remind me, that things could always be much worse, and to count my blessings. Life has been pretty good to me, and I can’t complain.

On a positive note, I came home to a very eager family. They were happy to see me alive and well. Dinner was even waiting for me too.

It’s going to be another early night for me, then back to the grinding stone tomorrow.  All that stress really tired me out.


I hate stress. Sometimes it comes on for no reason, and sometimes I know it’s coming, but I can’t stop it.

worry-1Tomorrow morning I am having minor surgery to remove moles on my face. They are going to be sent off to the lab and tested to make sure that they are normal. The procedure should last about 2 1/2 hours.

And for some reason, this perfectly simple procedure is stressing me out.

Fear of the unknown has always been something I don’t deal well with. It can even be something I am looking forward to, and I will still feel some level of stress over it.

I like my life to be predictable and safe. I thrive with routine, schedules and deadlines. Throw something different in the mix and forget it.

Stress makes me mad, because when I am stressed I am focused on being stressed, and I am not able to be in the moment. Trying to relax is easier said than done, but I am giving it my best shot.

Early to bed for me tonight, because I have a feeling, come morning, my eyes will pop open and I will be wide awake. I am thinking that a hot shower and maybe a stiff drink should help me drift off for a while.

Thanks for listening, it usually helps to unload a bit through writing.


Commas, Commas And More Commas!

This is not the first time, or the last time that I will talk about commas.  Pretty soon commas will be right up there with math for me.  I understand the need for the them, but I have no clue how to use them.

keep-calm-and-use-commas-4I have been doing some thinking about commas, and after talking to my professor, I am completely convinced that my lack understanding is not my fault.

Of course, now that I know my short comings, it is my responsibility to fix it. But the blame begins with my grade school teachers. The truth is, my teachers hardly talked about commas, and once we did they didn’t keep on us about them.

I never remember my teachers taking off points for improper comma usage, and the same goes for most of my college professors as well. Commas became one of those things that I just forgot how to use.

In my last class we talked about prescriptivism and descriptivism and the shift of grammar.  Some people feel that language is evolving, and it is a natural process. While other feel, that language should be maintained and standards should be kept high.

I certainly believe in a balance between the two, but I cannot help but wonder, if commas, and punctuation for that matter, will be the next thing to go?  I just think that the emphasis is not on correct form any more, and that people are willing to accept less.

I know personally when I read someone’s writing I am not looking for correct punctuation usage, unless it is something very noticeable.  It will be interesting to see, if over my lifetime, little things like commas start to disappear.

Am I way off, or does anyone else see this shift happening as well?

Holding My First Publication!

Finally it is here, my first hard publication.  It is true that I write articles for the paper, but I just don’t think it’s the same as being in a book.

IMG_3720Our local writers group put together a compilation of prose, poetry and short stories.  We were able to get the printing done locally by our high school students.

I haven’t had time to sit down and read it entirely, but from what I have read so far, it looks great. I wrote two poems for the book using the theme of spring.

I think it is amazing how it all came together.  Each writer to the time to submit the work, then we had one dedicated volunteer put it all together, and then the talented students at the high school put our vision into print. Just fantastic.

The book has all the authors bio’s listed, and most of them have their contact information as well. Many of them can also be found on our groups blog, North Country Writers’ Night Out.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such talented writers, many of them have several complete works published already.  This has certainly given me more motivation to work on my book.  I see now how it can all come together, and I am fortunate to have to support of people around me who have navigated those waters before.

I am working on getting a link up and ready if anyone is interesting in buying the book.  We have a list price of $7.95.  I just have to put it all together with my Paypal account.

Writing Without Hesitation

It has been a pretty productive week for me.  Now that I have a specific focus for my book, I feel like I am on the right track and where I need to be.

audrey-hepburn-quotes-nothing-is-impossible-l4t3ten1In the past I have attempted to work on books or just focus on writing goals, but I would always lose interest.

This time I have found a topic that I am very invested in and there is no shortage of inspiration in this house.

Day in and day out I am surrounded with material to use.  I find myself just writing what comes to mind and not really worrying about how it looks right now.  There will be plenty of time for editing later on.

Finding focus in this project feels amazing.  I feel like I have been searching for that idea that motivates me to keep going and now I finally have it.  I think that all along I was trying to force something that wasn’t there. Like trying to tell a story that had no meaning to me.

I am not sure that this way of writing/inspiration works for everyone, but I know that since finding the right topic I have been seriously committed to making this happen.  Some people can write about almost any topic, but I find the better connected I am, the more I want it.


Find yourself…

Find yourself in your work. In your passions. In your quiet thoughts and expressions. Just seek to discover the inner most level of yourself and strive to seek further than that. It is then, you will be found.-ljk

I saw this on my Facebook feed about a week ago. It was written by a local artist, and I couldn’t help but share it with you.  I don’t think that she could have said it any better.