Love who you are, right now

While watching a documentary last night I came across the saying, “I accept myself unconditionally, right now.”

How many times have you said, I’ll feel better when I lose ten pounds, or I’ll finally be someone when I get published?

loveSo often we put terms or conditions on how we feel about ourselves, and when we will allow ourselves to feel better.

Putting terms on self worth is damaging and destructive. Self doubt starts to get the upper hand, and inevitable we fail, because we do not recognize the areas in our life that we are succeeding in.

I am a big believer in mind over matter and that visualization can help us get from where we are to where we want to be.

The women in the film suggested that people say the line, “I accept myself unconditionally, right now,” at least twice a day while looking at themselves in the mirror.

I used to do something similar to this and I hung pictures of positive images or things that made me happy near my closet. It was like a little pick me up in the morning and got my day started on the right foot.

The woman did say that when people try to create positive change that a first negative thoughts might follow, but eventually they will give way to positive ones. It was equated to developing muscle memory.  Creating a new habit takes time, and forgiveness when you fall short.

I was so struck by the idea to love myself “Right Now” because I tend to get caught up in the person I want to be and never pay much attention to the person I am right now.

I am very goal driven, and it seems like I am always working towards something. I tend to lose sight of my recent accomplishments and I can see now how that is damaging to me.

happinessI know that also say that you cannot love others until you love yourself so I can see how this would go hand in hand to loving yourself unconditionally.

If you can look past your own flaws and love yourself for you then it would make sense that you would be more accepting of others.

Recently on Facebook there has been a trend of people posting and nominating others for the gratitude challenge. Maybe we should start highlighting the things that we love about ourselves. I bet if we did we would get a positive reaction from others and maybe even a few extra positive comments too.

Self love, such a simple concept, but it really does start from within.



Entering the world of Fiction

This week starts a new chapter in my writing career. During the fall semester I will be taking a class called “Places and Settings.” The class specifically focuses on developing your characters surroundings and in great detail.


This is the book that I will be reading for class. it seems like an enjoyable read. I will keep you posted on all the wonderful things that I learn!

I have already been working on my breathing techniques, because I know that I will need them.

My brain works on truth and experiences. My previous attempts at creating believable characters as been less than successful.

But, I am hoping to pull ideas from some of the colorful people that I know.

I believe that is how it goes right? That even though the story may be fictional, often times it is based on some truth?

The first assignment is already making worry. We have to describe a scene from a book that we have read. It has been forever since I have read a book like that. Plus, I read informational books, not stories………..

On a positive note, I am confident that I will be a better writer for taking this class, even if it does result in crying.

Some of my other classes like Creative Non-Fiction were difficult at first, but it pushed me to be better, and I was able to learn a lot from my instructor and peers.

So if any of you have tips of the trade for fictional writing, I would love to hear them.

Wish me Luck!

Six Words

It has been at least a year now, but a while back I jumped on the the Six Word wagon.

I loved the idea of sharing my thoughts it just six words, for a girl who normally doesn’t like structure in her writing, this was certainly doable.

sixBut, I probably posted twice before forgetting all about it.

I went on to other things, mostly my blog and college work. But I kept getting e-mails from them updating me on the best Six Word Memoirs that it perked my interest again.

So like all things I am going to make another pass at it.

I find that this site offers writers another outlet to share their ideas and thoughts. Besides creating a login, it is very simple to use.

By using just six words it creates a challenge, but very little commitment. I love to write, but sometimes I don’t have a lot to say.

With blogging I feel slightly pressured to create something longer and one sentence, although I am know to do that to. I disguise them as “Quotes.”

Also, there are people out there who have written whole books based on the concept of the Six Word Memoir, it really is quite interesting. For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, I encourage you to

I see there is also an “app for that” but I better not, because phones are enticing enough without having fun writing apps to play on.

Oh, I believe you can also follow people on there as well so feel free to find me at GettingOnTop. Clever and original, I know.

Anyone else use this site or heard of it? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

I put my best judgment behind me and “Let it Go”

As soon as the movie Frozen came out, I immediately disliked it. I had never seen it, not even previews.  All the buzz about the song “Let it Go” bothered me.  

I get that it was inspirational to some, but now I understood why my parents became annoyed by watching the same movie over and over again when I was a child. I didn’t like it, and I swore I would never see it. 

Recently I had seen some previews for the movie, and I thought to myself, “Self, maybe this movie won’t be that bad.” 

     Um, Maybe………..

frozenI let that thought sit with me for a while, maybe a couple of weeks.  Perhaps I should see the movie, some of the parts did look humorous, and I do love children’s movie.

So tonight was the night.  I sat down and watched the movie. I couldn’t believe it! For those of you who haven’t seen it, it was a crazy ride of emotions. 

I wanted to cry (because I am a baby) then I was scared (because I am a baby) and well the song, “Let it Go” wasn’t that bad. 

My only qualm was way too much singing. I should have timed it, I am sure there was a song every five minutes or so.

So the verdict is, I think the movie will grow on me.