Mondays: My favorite day of the week

No seriously I mean it. Mondays are by far my favorite day of the week. Mondays are almost as good as Fridays, except I have the whole work week ahead of me.

Not that we need to label a specific day of the week to begin something new, but typically the good things start on Monday.

MondayMondays are fresh and filled with promise, and make it seem like we have forever before the close out of the week on Sunday night.

A lot of people start resolutions on Monday, and work towards their goals; knowing that another Monday will be there to renew their energy.

Even better, I take Monday nights off from school work, chores, and any type of responsibility. Monday nights are for me.

I like to paint, go for a run or just and enjoy time with my family. Weekends seem so far away that I don’t worry about deadlines and all the things that I have to get done.

Mondays are the perfect day to take some time to yourself or start something new.

Hurray for Mondays!

“Make time for what matters most”

I was reminded by a fellow blogger that if you really want to do something, you will make the time to do it.

I always find time to question my priorities and what I’m not getting done, but it is better to focus on what you do want and spend your energy on how you are going to get there.

important1Despite my “all over the road approach” I do have a main goal for myself. For most that is the first step. Where do you see yourself.

Next accept that it is okay to create your own path and be happy with the direction that you are going in.

With your end goal in mind find opportunities that support your main goal. It’s like piecing a puzzle together until you see the bigger picture.

I have noticed that I generally do work hard to make time for tasks that support my end goal, and eventually those that don’t fall to the back.

I really connected to the image that I added to this post, “If it’s important you’ll find a way. If not you’ll find an excuse.”

Some very powerful words, blunt but true.

It got me thinking about why there are certain things that I don’t spend as much time on. Is it because they are not important to me, or do I need to refocus myself and make it a priority?

So make time for what you want. Stay up late to paint, or get up early to work on writing. I really think that we become much happier when we indulge ourselves.

Being happy builds confidence, and people around you pick up on that. It becomes a beautiful snowball that propels you down the path you want.

So say yes to things that matter most, and pass by the ones that don’t.

“Make time for what matters most.” -GettingOnTop

How I learned to be efficient after having a child

When I was pregnant people always warned me that life was going to become much harder after I gave birth. I didn’t believe them. I knew plenty of women who had children, worked and still seemed to find time for themselves. I was sure that I would be one of them.

When my son was born I was relieved that I could do small things like shave my legs, and walk up the stairs without getting out a breath. For the first few months he slept most of the time, and I continued life as planned.

Since he wasn’t mobile yet, we spent lots of time together on the floor playing, and off and on I would spend some time writing.

When he began crawling the computer was no longer an option, because he found it very interesting. Still he spent his evenings sleeping and I would sit down to type.

Mom-pulling-out-hairNow I certainly complain. He has always been a good napper and a good sleeper at night, but my daytime routine started falling apart the more active he became. At the end of the day my house was a mess, I was exhausted, and I still had school work to do.

My friends were very sympathetic and reminded me that it was better to have a happy family than a clean house, but at some point I had to draw the line. I felt like I was falling further and further behind.

Fast forward two years, and my son is more active than ever. He runs ALL day long, almost never stopping. I still work, still have school, and of course those pesky household chores.

So what is a person to do?

It took me a while to figure out how to make the best use of my time. Sometimes I can be the queen of procrastination, but times have changed.

To make the most of your day is really simple. Divide your list into two categories: things you can do with your kids and things that you would rather not……

For me, I can cook, clean, do laundry and run errands with my son. In fact he has become quite helpful and skilled with the vacuum cleaner.

Things I would rather do when it’s quiet, school work, painting, and writing.

I began to realize that the more I accomplished during the day the more time that I had to myself in the evening. I even scheduled Monday as my free night when I normally paint.

Another lesson that was hard for me to learn is that life doesn’t stop just because you have children. You just have to learn how to include in them in what you do. Eventually you get used to the new routine, and life begins to feel a bit more like normal.

Pushing past the crappy writing

This morning I pushed myself to write. It’s been a few days since I have sat down to write something solid, but this morning I found myself with a few minutes of quiet time-perfect.

I was hopeful for something worth keeping, but it wasn’t my goal. I just wanted to write. Whatever came out was going to to come out.

writingI am always amazed at the process our brains go through. I am sure that I am not alone in this one.

You sit down to write your first thoughts, and it’s stupid, nothing makes sense. But slowly we push past that and what needs to come out emerges on the paper.

Okay so maybe not every time, but I really feel like we need to push past the crap to get to what we really want to say.

It makes sense why we should sit down and write often even if we don’t want to. Eventually something good has to come out….right?